MeinPlatz 5.33

pagal | 2018 09 10

„MeinPlatz“ programos pagalba matysite, kiek vietos kietajame diske užima vienas ar kitas failas bei katalogas. Taip pat programa pateiks išsamią informaciją apie juos: sukūrimo/redagavimo datą, pavadinimo ilgumą, failo plėtinį, kelią iki jo. Pateiktą statistiką galėsite išsisaugoti TXT, CSV, HTML, DOC ar XLS failo formatu.


MeinPlatz_1Scans the hard disk for lost space, analyzes files and displays detailed information, helping users manage disk space efficiently

When buying a new hard disk, most of us are typically looking for the ones with the most storage space available, because everyone is aware that within a few months they are bound to run out of space for no apparent reason.

MeinPlatz can help you easily discover the space hogs on your computer so you can remove them and gain free space.

Installation process

The installation goes smoothly, without any issues, and you will get the utility up and running within minutes. You can customize the created shortcuts and displayed icons, but if you are a beginner simply trying to install an application, it is best to stick to the default configuration.

Clean feature lineup

The graphic interface of MeinPlatz is intuitive and well-organized, so you can easily select the folder, drive or partition you want to scan – within seconds, you can analyze the space distribution and locate the largest files.

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