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pagal | 2020 07 21

„PC Win Booster Free“ – su šiuo įrankiu padidinkite kompiuterio našumą pašalindami iš kietojo disko nereikalingus ar besidubliuojančius failus, naršymo duomenis ar programas.


Save disk space and increase computer performance by getting rid of redundant, duplicate and obsolete files using this application

PC Win Booster Free is an efficient software solution that can tidy up your system, allowing it to breathe while eliminating the impact of junk data and temporary files.

It is suited for use on any computer in order to keep it in shape by removing obsolete data that usually slows it down or tampers with its performance. Moreover, it can be handled by any user, regardless of the level of computer know-how.

Clean your system from unneeded files

PC Win Booster Free deals with all the areas that stand the risk of cluttering your computer, namely temporary Internet files, empty folders, junk data, broken shortcuts, the Recycle Bin and browser toolbars.

You can make a selection of the system sections that you consider in need of a cleanup, although it is recommended that you perform the operation for all of them, at least once. Also, another almost compulsory precaution is a backup of the registry, to have as a recovery solution if something goes wrong.

Integrated uninstaller and dupe finder

The program quickly scans common computer areas and comes up with a full report of the errors identified during it. Moreover, you have the possibility to manually select the files to be deleted during the fix-up stage. There’s no harm in running the utilities twice, in order to be sure that nothing toxic resides on your system anymore.

In addition to the cleaning module, you will also benefit from a program uninstaller that serves to remove programs that are installed on the computer, as well as a duplicate file finder that quickly spots dupe content and deletes it with the purpose of regaining valuable space.

PC Win Booster
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