VerCheck 4.3 Build 9434

pagal | 2012 10 04

Šis įrankis parodys ir padės atnaujinti Jums esančias kompiuteryje programas iki vėliausios dienos.

Java Runtime


Will let you quickly check if there are new versions of any of your apps

The VerCheck application was designed to let you quickly check if there are new versions of any of your apps. Read the precis to understand how it works. Or just click Check For New Versions to see if there are any new versions for any of the default set of applications. The results are summarised at the utilities entry in plain HTML.

It is used to check over a dozen websites each day to see if new versions of the software I use had been released. This was time consuming and error prone. VerCheck automates this process by checking the websites of the programs you use to see if the version numbers have changed. It comes preconfigured from the factory with 64 applications.

For each application, you give the URL of a page to check. You also specify some string that is on the page, usually containing the version number. If this string is not present, presumably something has changed. You have to then manually figure out what, and install the new software, then adjust VerCheck to look for the new version number.

To add a new application hit (+), then enter an application name, an URL and the marker — an expected response string that will be embedded in the web page returned if the version has not changed. Click“Check-for-New-Versions to check the entire list of applications to see if any have changed. Click Restore-Defaults to restore the factory setting URLs, and markers. You would do this most commonly after using a new updated version of VerCheck. Your own app settings won’t be affected, but any of the factory apps will be updated. You can adjust the widths of the columns by dragging the separator lines between the column headers.


· Java Runtime

What’s New in This Release:

· suppress autoscrolling to avoid conflicting with the user scrolling.

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