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pagal | 2013 10 11

Wise Care 365 Free screenshot 1 - The main window of Wise Care 365 allows you to analyze the current security status of your PC

„Wise Care 365 Free“- visavertė optimizavimo programa, leisianti padidinti kompiuterio veikimo spartą iki maksimalios. Joje rasite įrankius padėsiančius iš kietojo disko ištrinti šiukšles, pašalinti iš interneto naršyklių slapukus bei naršymo duomenis, defragmentuoti registrą ar kietąjį diską, kontroliuoti automatiškai pasileidžiančias programas, sunaikinti negrįžtamai savo privačius duomenis ir daugelis kitų.


All-in-one PC tune-up utility

There are numerous ways to keep your computer functioning at its best for a long period of time, and regularly cleaning obsolete files or deleting invalid links can be one of these methods. Wise Care 365 Free is a user-friendly application that can help you remove all the redundant data on your PC without affecting its stability.

This software solution can be installed without any issues and within seconds users are asked to choose the skin they like best. When the main window is opened, one simply needs to scan their computer so that Wise Care 365 Free can assess its status and assign it a rating.

Once the application identifies all the junk files on the system, users can choose to automatically erase them, thus improving the performance and speed of the computer, while also clearing up space on the hard drive.

Furthermore, expert users can even choose the type of registry entries that should be removed, such as invalid ActiveX or COM components, obsolete startup programs, missing shared DLLs, empty keys, useless uninstallation information or invalid Windows Firewall settings.

Atsisiųsti ( 7.7 MB / Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit )


Wise Care 365 Free screenshot 2 - Wise Care 365 can be used to scan your computer's registry and to fix the detected errors

Wise Care 365 Free screenshot 3 - The application offer you the possibility to manually choose the solution for each identified issue

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