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InRumor Screen Saver 2.2

Stilinga, juoda animuota ekrano užsklanda, kurioje matysite laiką bei datą, orus Jūsų nurodytoje vietoje. Užuomaršoms, kurie pastoviai pamiršta, kuri šiandieną diena, ekrano užsklandoje yra ir kalendorius. English: You’ll know what time it is, what’s the weather in your preferred location! InRumor Screen Saver is an animated screensaver that will let you know what time it is… Skaityti toliau »

Pong Screensaver 1.0

Ekrano užsklanda su žaidimo Pong motyvais. Kas žino kas laimės? English: A small screensaver based on the original video game Pong The Pong Screensaver was developed to be a small program based on the original video game Pong. The two sides are actually playing each other. Who knows who will win? Pong as well as… Skaityti toliau »

NfsFirework 1.1

Ekrano užsklanda su fejerverkų elementais. English: An animated fireworks screensaver nfsFirework is a screensaver that will display a series of animated fireworks. A colorful and at the same time simple Firework screensaver. Screensavers are initially designed to prevent damage to CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images… Skaityti toliau »

ScreenWallpaper 1.5

Darbastalio paveikslėlių ir ekrano užsklandos keitėjas. English: A wallpaper and screensaver changer. ScreenWallpaper is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive application that can help you change or manage your wallpapers and screensavers. You can choose the wallpaper mode you like best, be it centered, tiled or stretched, and you can also select the location of the images you… Skaityti toliau »