PDF Shaper Free 7.1

pagal | 2017 02 10

„PDF Shaper Free“ – tai universalus įrankių rinkinys dirbantiems su PDF formato dokumentais. Šią programą sudaro tokios funkcijos :

  • PDF konvertavimas į tekstinį TXT („Notepad“) / RTF („MS Word“) formatą, ar į nuotrauką.
  • Nuotraukos konvertavimas į PDF formatą.
  • PDF dokumentų padalinimas/ sujungimas.
  • Teksto/nuotraukų išsaugojimas iš PDF dokumentų.
  • Nuotraukų pašalinimas iš PDF dokumentų.
  • Puslapių apvertimas pasirinktu kampu.
  • Puslapio iškirpimas iš PDF dokumento.
  • Vandens ženklo uždėjimas
  • Puslapio ištrynimas iš PDF dokumento.
  • PDF dokumento užkodavimas/atkodavimas slaptažodžiu ir kitos funkcijos.


A PDF management utility that allows you to convert the documents to RTF, extract images or split the file into multiple smaller PDFs

The Portable Document Format files, better known as PDFs, seem to be spreading continuously and it’s hard to imagine a computer user who has yet to come across one. Used for everything from application documentations to official papers, these files are widely recognized and appreciated for their ability to handle several types of content inside the same document.

Most often used inside PDFs is the text and image combination which basically makes one such file incompatible with regular text editors. For those who need only one type of content and want to pull it out from such documents, utilities like PDF Shaper are the way to go by.

This particular application has a very simple interface, with all the functions clearly delimited, so when selecting any of them, a dedicated module will open. You can have as many concurrent windows as you need.

It’s advisable to keep it to one per type of job because the amount of system resources that will be allocated to the processing could bog down the PC and bring it to a screeching halt. Also, it’s highly unlikely that you would ever need to open two or more windows for the same task because PDF Shaper supports working with batches of files in every module, except for the ‘Extract Text’ one.

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