Moroshka File Manager 0.9

pagal | 2011 01 30

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A powerful file management for your devices and operating systems

This application was developed to be a powerful file management for your devices and operating systems. Its next-generation interface is even adapted for touch devices.

Here are some key features of „Moroshka File Manager“:

Cross-platform file manager with native GUI (Windows, MacOS):
· You can manage your files the same way on different systems. The native GUI means you get the familiar look-and-feel for each platform, while the cross-platform core provides the same level of services on each of them.

Touch Screen Mode:
· Do you have a tablet PC? You can just as easily perform file operations using the touch screen in the finger-oriented UI mode. Multitouch is also supported.

Extended Search Probabilities in the Integrated Text Viewer:
· Search features let you grep the text interactively to perform log analysis, or find missed information.

10+ unique features like these:
· Work with NTFS streams on Windows
· Keep the terminal window when a process is closed
· Create links/softlinks
· iPhone/iPod/iPad filesystem management (iTunes must be installed for this feature)
· Open ISO and UDF images as archives

…plus other features:
· Multitab layout support
· All standard file operations
· Multi-thread file management processing (several operations can run simultaneously)
· WebDAV/FTP/SSH/SMB client (works with IPv6 addresses)
· Internal pack-unpack support for more than 17 compression algorithms

Atsisiųsti (5.7 MB / Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 )
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