pagal | 2012 12 16 tai universalus saugumo programų rinkinys, kuris turėtu būti kiekviename kompiuteryje. apsaugo nuo piktybinių, šnipinėjimo ir stebėjimo programų, padeda išvengti duomenų ir slaptažodžių vagysčių, riboja reklaminius skelbimus kurie mažina naršymo internete greitį, pažymi šiukšlintojų el. laiškus, optimizuoja kompiuterio kietąjį diską ir registrus, tvarko „startup“ programas, gali užkoduoti siunčiamą el. paštą.


For everyone who wants to avoid spyware and evidence, protect their privacy, filter spammed emails is a multipurpose Security Suite which every internet user should have installed on his computer. protects from malicious software, spying and tracking, avoids betray, protects privacy, reduces advertising while increasing surfing speed, marks spammed emails, optimizes and speeds up computers registry and hard disk, manages startup programs, offers fully automated state of the art email encryption and includes a password generator. will also easily improve the security and users as well. is free for private use and does not require any registration. is for everyone who wants to avoid spyware and evidence, protect their privacy, filter spammed emails and secure email communication, block assaulting advertisings, tune up computers speed and use the Internet efficiently for private or business use. is easy to understand and does exactly what you expect, fast, quickly and smoothly.

Here are some key features of „SECUREMAKER com“:

· Intruder Securer – locks Scripts, Spyware and Trojaner out from entering your computer.
· Computer Securer – puts you back in control of install attempts on your computer.
· Email Worm Securer – helps prevent the spread of email viruses among the world.
· Email Securer – outstanding multilevel anti spam filter solution for stopping junk emails.
· Confidential Email Delivery – automated encryption of sensitive emails made easy like snap.
· Privacy Securer – hides in real time tracking information by masking unique information.
· Cookie CleanUp – prevents profiling through cookies, avoids web login misusing.
· Google Anti Tracking – comming soon, stay tuned
· History Cleaners – prevents betrayal, deletes history logs, speeds up your computer.
· Garbage Cleaner – removes from programs left over garbage from the hard drive.
· Ads Securer – avoids advertising, speeds up browsing, reduces online access costs.
· Google Ads Securer – blocks ads on thousands of web sites delivered from Google
· Yahoo Ads Securer – blocks ads on thousands of web sites delivered from Yahoo
· Manage StartUp Programs – control programs automatically loaded at Login or StartUp.
· HardDisk SpeedUp – optimizes defragmented files online at background in real time.
· Registry CleanUp – releases computers brain from outdated and useless entries.
· Rescue Internet – provides unfiltered web access, comming soon, stay tuned
· Password Generator – protect your logins, create unique and strong passwords.

What’s New in This Release:

· is Vista compatible.
· various minor bugs solved.

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