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pagal | 2011 12 27


Galingas ir svarbiausia visiškai nemokamas vaizdo ir garso medžiagos konvertavimo (iš vieno failo tipo į kitą) įrankis. Individualiai galėsite pasirinkti ne tik formatą iš kurio į kurį norite konvertuoti, tačiau ir lango dydį, suspaudimo lygį, konvertavimo kokybę. Šioje programoje yra viskas, dėl to turėtų patenkinti net ir profesionalų lūkesčius.


An all-in-one video conversion and audio conversion tool

XMedia Recode is a software solution supposed to help you convert audio and video files, targeting both beginners and experienced users with an innovative approach.

The application works with most formats out there, but what’s more impressive is that it also has an option to convert DVD and Blu-Ray discs into any format you like.

But probably the ace up its sleeve is actually the way it manages to address novice user and more experienced ones at the same time.

First of all, those uninitiated have the option to choose one of the many built-in profiles for a one-click conversion job. For example, if you wish to convert an AVI video and transfer it on your iPhone, you have the option to pick the iPhone model and let the app do the whole job.

At the same time, power users can step into the more advanced side and modify bitrate, keyframe interval, framerate, rate control mode and many other settings regarding both the video and audio chapters, using the other configuration tabs.

The conversion process of course goes very smooth and the user also has the option to keep an eye on the running process by opening the “Jobs” tab.

The preferences dialog is minimal and is less likely to help you unless there’s a problem with the tool per se, as all the important settings are actually stored in the main window.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for an app that’s able to work with virtually all audio and video formats out there, XMedia Recode should be one of your first choices.

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XMedia Recode, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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