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Labai gera ir greita interneto naršyklė. Jos nereikia įrašyti. Naršant su šią naršykle nepaliksite jokių naršymo pėdsakų. Tai užtikrina jūsų privatumą.


Small disposable privacy browser

Browzar is a great web browser that only takes seconds to download and you do not even need to install it, so you can download Browzar time and time again, whenever and wherever you need it to protect your privacy.

With the help of this useful application you will have the possibility of surfing the web without leaving any visible trace on the computer you are using.

Here are some key features of „Browzar“:

.COM Button:
· Instead of typing in an address like in full, simply type youtube and press the .com button, we’ll automatically fill in the www & .com bit so you don’t have to. You’ll never type .com again!

· From version 2.0 onwards Browzar no longer supports the downloading of ActiveX components. This is a security measure to protect you and the computer you are using. If you viagra a site which requires ActiveX, Browzar will simply not download the ActiveX component. In the event that you visit a site using Browzar which has already been visited using Internet Explorer and an ActiveX component has already been downloaded to the computer you are using, then this ActiveX component will still run in Browzar.

· Auto-complete blocking
· Boss button and keys
· Browzar is based on Internet Explorer

Browzar is disposable:
· At some point or another we all need to use browse the Web discretely without our families, friends, colleagues or bosses knowing why. We created Browzar to give people this choice. We wanted to make it free and easy for everyone (not just the technically savvy), to browse in private without the need to install software or register for it. We’ve designed Browzar for your convenience: so, you can download it when you need it, and easily dispose of it when you don’t.

· You can choose from Black, Silver and Windows style colour schemes.
· Cleanup progress panel
· Cookies and privacy protection
· Crash protection and recovery
· Browzar now has all the Function and Ctrl shortcuts available in Internet Explorer.
· History deletion
· Homepage customization
· Index.dat cleanup
· Media (Audio and Video)
· Menu functionality
· Popup management
· Secure File Deletion
· Tabbed browsing
· Temporary Application Data delete (Flash and Java)
· Web cache deletion
· Web search tool


Atsisiųsti ( 222 KB / Windows OS )

Windows style:

Atsisiųsti ( 222 KB / Windows OS )


Atsisiųsti ( 222 KB / Windows OS )




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