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pagal | 2017 07 21

„Howard“ – nedidelis įrankis skirtas informuoti Jus apie naujus atėjusius elektroninius laiškus. Įrankis suderinamas su Gmail, Facebook,, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Zoho, Twitter ir kitomis tarnybomis. Naujus laiškus programa galės tikrinti nuo 30 s. iki 120 min. intervale. Apie gautą pranešimą programoje galėsite pasirinkti norimą Jus informuoti garso įrašą.


Howard_1A small, yet useful email notifier for various webmail accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Hotmail,, Zoho, and many more

Howard is a small tool that can connect to various e-mail servers in order to notify you about newly received messages. With the help of this application, you can get alerts about a new message as soon as it reaches your inbox.

It provides support for some of the most widely used webmail services, namely, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Zoho.

Howard runs silently in the system tray and doesn’t bother you unless a new message is received in either one of the mailboxes. In this case, it displays a small popup window containing the name of the sender and the message subject, accompanied by a specific sound. Clicking on the tooltip automatically sends you to your inbox (in the default web browser or Windows Mail).

Needless to say that you must first connect to your e-mail accounts in order to receive alerts about recent mails. You can enter the connection details and configure the application’s behavior from the ‘Options’ window.

The checking time interval is set by the user (it ranges from 30 seconds to 120 minutes), but manual verifications can also be conducted upon request. Additionally, you can adjust the display duration for the tooltip window, optionally display the e-mail count, modify the tray icon style and set the application to use a locally stored audio file as the notification sound.

Atsisiųsti ( 4.7 MB/ Windows OS )

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