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OpenDrive screenshot 1 - In order to be able to enjoy the functions of OpenDrive, you need to enter your credentials

„OpenDrive“ yra „debesijos“ paslauga, skirta laikyti svarbiausias Jūsų failų kopijas internete. Nemokamoje versijoje yra šiokių tokių apribojimų:
– Gausite 5 GB vietos Jūsų failams laikyti.
– Per dieną galėsite atsisiųsti iš „debesijos“ 1 GB duomenų.
– Įkeliamo vieno failo limitas yra 100 MB.


A powerful software application that enables any type of user to easily store, backup and sync all their important files and folders

OpenDrive is a cloud solution that enables you to create backups for important data and store different items.

The application works by creating a virtual drive on your computer. This means that when you are using Windows Explorer, you can see the cloud just like any other partition from the hard disk.

You should know this software utility cannot be used without creating an account at the developer’s website, which is free of charge and includes 5GB of space. The maximum download is 1GB per day, and files larger than 100MB cannot be uploaded to the cloud. Moreover, OpenDrive enables you to create groups of users so that more people can gain access to the account.

The backups you make with this tool can be manually set or automated on a permanent, hourly or daily basis. The application can be forced to do this when the computer has been idle for a number of minutes or hours (input from the user). Temporary or selected files can be excluded from syncing, and you can enable e-mail notifications when a task failed, stopped or completed successfully.

OpenDrive screenshot 2 - You can easily access the files and folder you uploaded to your OpenDrive account

OpenDrive screenshot 3 - OpenDrive is displayed in the system tray, allowing you to easily sync or backup files

OpenDrive screenshot 4

OpenDrive screenshot 5

OpenDrive screenshot 6

OpenDrive screenshot 7

OpenDrive screenshot 9



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