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Ear Trumpet

„EarTrumpet“ įrankis skirtas garso sumažinimui/padidinimui naršyklėje, operacinėje sistemoje, muzikos leistuve ir kitose programose.


Increase or decrease the volume for your browser, music player and other applications with sound capabilities you are running separately with this app

Granted, the volume control in Windows 10 is far from what the average user would expect. While increasing or decreasing the sound is a matter of accessing the applet in the System Tray, it does not allow you to enable and disable the audio alerts for running apps that you are interesting in monitoring.

EarTrumpet is a utility developed to help you better manage the volume control in Windows 10 by allowing you to modify the sound volume for all apps running on your computer.

Appealing looks and intuitive interface

After a quick and uneventful setup, you can access the application from the System Tray. You should know that the program works in a similar manner as the standard controller, meaning that you can simply click on it to view the volume bars.

On the other hand, the main difference is that you can change the loudness for the applications that are using sounds on your computer. More precisely, if you are listening to an album on YouTube, but would like to hear only the notifications from your email client, you can reduce the volume of your browser slightly and keep the one from your email alerts at maximum.

It does not replace Windows’ embedded volume control

You should know that although it performs the same function as the standard volume control, the application does not replace it. It would have been nice if it integrated into Windows volume control, particularly if you have dozens of monitoring tools running quietly in the System Tray.

As far as the Settings are concerned, the utility enables you to specify whether you would like it to keep track of the apps running on your desktop. The function can come in handy for when you are following a podcast and want to mute your music players fast and in a convenient manner.

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