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pagal | 2015 01 09

„Empty Folder Finder“ programos pagalba galėsite pašalinti tuščius ar mažai užimančius katalogus iš pasirinktos kietojo disko vietos. Norėdami nepašalinti svarbių failų, galėsite nurodyti failų plėtinius.


With this user-friendly and efficient program, you can locate empty directories on your system and delete them all in one swift move

Empty Folder Finder is an intuitive and simple to use piece of software whose main function consists of helping you identify and remove from your computer those directories with few or no contents.

Accessible and straightforward UI

Subsequent to a brief and uneventful setup process, you can launch the application and begin working it immediately, in the hope of putting some order into your data.

The main window of Empty Folder Finder features all of the available configuration options, all of which are sufficiently easy to understand that they pose little difficulty, even if your experience is lacking.

Define your search criteria and effortlessly remove empty directories

To get things started, you will need to input the ‘Path to Check’, which can be anything from a larger folder to an entire drive. However, depending on its size, the search operation may take more or less time to complete.

Moreover, Empty Folder Finder lets you find directories that are not quite empty, but store only a few files. You can define the amount of items or their total size in MB. Similarly, you can target only specific file extensions, indicating them individually.

Once the configuration is done, you can click on ‘Go!’ and within moments, your results will be displayed, along with the items’ complete path, allowing you to open the retrieved folders or erase them right away. You can select them all or only specific ones (holding the CTRL key pressed), and hit the ‘Delete’ button.


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