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pagal | 2018 08 21

„Glary Disk Cleaner“- universali kietojo disko valymo įrankis nuo laikinųjų failų (angl. „temp“): naršymo internete sausainėlių (angl. „Cache , Cookies“) , sisteminių ataskaitų ir atsiųstų nebenaudojamų įdiegimo programų ar atnaujinimų.


Glary-Disk-Cleaner_1Keep your computer clean and working at top performance by removing temporary system files, cleaning the browser cache or emptying custom folders

While working with applications in Windows or surfing online, your computer generates and stores temporary files or other similar data. To keep it running at top performance and speed, it is advisable that you run disk cleanup periodically. You can do so using Glary Disk Cleaner.

Remove temporary or unneeded items

Unlike the default disk cleanup utility in Windows, Glary Disk Cleaner displays detailed scan results, enabling you to choose individual files to be deleted.

The category list is also much more extended, comprising system and user temporary files, thumbnail cache, error reports, log files, the memory dump, recycle bin data, invalid shortcuts, and so on. You can also use it to get rid of outdated Windows Updates data, downloaded program files and unnecessary files that are generated by Windows Installer.

With just a few clicks, you can configure the folders Glary Disk Cleaner should target, and you’re good to go.

Empty browser cache and monitor custom folders

Aside from Windows temp or unneeded files, Glary Disk Cleaner can also empty the cache memory of installed browsers or applications. Additionally, you can include custom files and folders to empty, defining the type of files to erase during cleanup.

To avoid accidental deletions, Glary Disk Cleaner enables you to build an ignore list to include files or locations you want it to skip during analysis.

Before cleaning all data, it offers you to create a backup of the files it is about to delete. Should anything go wrong, you can restore all the files with just a click.

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