RivaTuner 2.24c

pagal | 2012 02 24

RivaTuner – nemokamas įrankis skirtas vaizdo plokščių NVIDIA ir ATI subtilesniam nustatymui. Įrankis padeda atskleisti daugelį nedokumentuotų Jūsų vaizdo plokštės galimybių ir priverčia ją dirbti maksimaliai našiai. Programoje yra integruota tvarkyklės nustatymų duomenų bazė , registro redaktorius, paruoštų nustatymų rinkinių (skriptų) redaktorius , įrankis žemo lygio GPU pagreitinimui, įskiepis atnaujinimo problemos sprendimui ir diagnostikos modulis.


Powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA display adapters

RivaTuner is one of the top-rated video card overclocking software. While its name suggests that it’s intended to focus on NVIDIA cards only, RivaTuner also supports ATI / AMD video adapters. Its main goal is to break the barriers set by manufacturers and set clock and memory speeds as well as fan speeds. Thus, you can easily make adjustments to overclock and even underclock your video card.

The installation process of the application only asks for your attention at the end of it, by providing two options: `Protect process virtual memory` and `Protect memory mapped I/O ports`. The last of them, as the developer informs us, is a must if you are into multiplayer games that require PunkBuster.

RivaTuner provides in-depth tweaking capabilities for its users. Beginners are only advised to use this program after studying the documentation, as any misjudged tweaking may end up literally frying the video adapter. If you still want to do it, it’s recommended that your video card has a high cooling potential. Thus, first of all, make sure you have the proper hardware to tweak before you go ahead and set higher core and memory speeds.

The application’s interface is quite simple. It features a tabbed layout comprising `Main`, `Settings`, `Power user`, `Launcher` or `Scheduler` options. You get adapter information and driver settings in the `Main` section and RivaTuner user interface preferences, startup and hotkey manager settings within the `Settings` section. The `Power user` tab is available for advanced users that posses a high level of VGA knowledge.

Although it supports hardware from ATI / AMD, RivaTuner works at its best with NVIDIA video cards. The counterpart software in this case is ATI Tray Tools. RivaTuner’s `System tweaks` window enables you to choose the core, shader and memory clocks with the optional `Link clocks` feature. You can also manage your selection within the `Overclocking profile settings` by saving, loading and deleting them.

RivaTuner’s supported cards spectrum spreads from Riva TNT to GeForce 200 Series. Being one of the most commonly used software for GPU overclocking, RivaTuner provides a wide array of options regarding multi-monitor support, overclocking tool or fan control. All in all, this application brings a sturdy environment for overclockers and the right set of tools for them to make use of.

RivaTuner description


· NVIDIA Video Cards

What’s New in This Release:

Minor bugfixes:
· Fixed bug in hardware monitoring module causing hardware monitoring based scheduled tasks to be ignored due to improper initialization on RivaTuner startup.
· Fixed erroneous 100MHz memory clock reading on G9x GPU series based display adapters caused by bug in memory clock frequency generator source clock detection code.
· File system redirection is no longer disabled when executing a patch script under 64-bit OS to prevent the issues with missing file system browser dialog when pressing the „Continue“ button.
· Heights of sticky graphs in the group are now updated properly when manually editing fixed graph height settings in the properties of any graph of the group.
· Fixed bug into startup daemon routine of RivaTunerStatisticsServer and D3DOverrider utilities causing these tools to be started and reside in memory without displaying tray icon under certain conditions.

What’s new:
· Added database for ForceWare 182.06.

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RivaTuner 2.24c, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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