Inscriptio 2.5.0

pagal | 2013 04 29

„Inscriptio“ programa skirta duomenų įrašymui į CD ar DVD diskus. Ji leis įrašyti ne tik į dvisluoksnius DVD ar daugkartinio naudojimo (CD-RW, DVD-RW) diskus, bet ir diskų atvaizdus (.ISO, .CUE, .BIN, .RAW) maksimaliu greičiu.


Recording solution for CDs and DVDs.

Inscriptio is an easy to use, fast and reliable CD and DVD recording application accessible to all users whether accustomed to this type of software or not. Besides simplifying the process of burning data and audio files, the options and features offered by the program also deliver a better overall performance.

Installing Inscriptio doesn’t take longer than saying its name out loud a few times and speed is preserved as one of the program’s main qualities when performing its tasks.

Burning data and audio files and managing the burning process altogether is partly an easy job due to an interface with a high degree of both usability and configurability.

Inscriptio is a handy application that helps you save all your collections of music, movies, games or documents safely on CDs or DVDs. The app bundles drag and drop features support for dual-layer DVD and also disc images. Additionally, rewritable discs are supported as well as copies on the fly recording.

Note: Inscriptio is free of charge and safe to use!

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Reitingas: 6.5/10 (4 balsų)
Inscriptio 2.5.0, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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